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Powershell: AWS and IAM policy retrieval

I’ve recently been working more day to day on Amazon Web Services, and I found it a little unwieldy to navigate around policy documents assigned to IAM groups. Sometimes you just want to have a local copy of the policies to edit/play with/look at. Therefore, I came up with a quick script to solve this. Enjoy… Of course, the AWS SDK for Powershell is required.

Excel – Determining worksheet cell references

Worksheet names in Excel Cells If you are working in Excel, and you want to show the worksheet name in a Cell on that worksheet, you can use the CELL function to do so. By default the CELL function will return the current document name, if used with the filename info_type: =CELL("filename") This provides a full path to the spreadsheet, with the worksheet of the current Cell at the end, e.

The Complete Guide to Mac/Windows Interoperability

You’ve got a household full of PC’s and you’ve stopped yourself from getting a Mac because you don’t want to deal with incompatibilities. Eight years ago that would’ve been understandable, but today Mac OS and Windows can work together in harmony on the same home network. Here’s a primer on how the two systems inter-operate. I have been using Macs now for 5 years, and the compatibility issues that one would have been there are practically gone.