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MacHeist – Speed Download 5 upgrade now available for free

I received and email from the MacHeist directorate today. The controversy has been solved by YazSoft offering a free upgrade to Speed Download 5 for MacHeist customers, but only for a very limited time – March 13 2008 until March 27 2008.
It is nice that I got the email, albeit 5 days after the offer was extended.

This list of changes that come with SD5 are available online.

So if you purchased Speed Download 4 with MacHeist II, and choose to upgrade, then proceed to yazsoft’s website in a quick and orderly fashion to get the upgrade offer.

Leopard Erase and Install Success – Howto

So you want to upgrade your Mac from Tiger (10.4) to Leopard (10.5)? This has probably been written about by every man and his cat, but here is my experience and the optimal installation sequence – as written by a late-comer to the Leopard gang.Leopard
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