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Apple iTMS TV show quality review

This is an old review I wrote and never posted, but it’s still relevant today. My conclusion is up to date for 2011.

Having just purchased and watched seasons 1 and 2 of The Tudors from iTunes (I missed them on Showtime), I was searching the net for other peoples thoughts on the quality of these TV shows. One review I came across was from, concering iTunes quality vs Bit Torrent. Since their blog post in 2005, Apple seems to have upped the standard of their TV show offerings.

I’m be the first to admit that I’m an Apple fan, with my Mac laptop the primary downloader of these TV Shows, syncing to my iPhone and also viewing the shows via front row on my Mac Mini. It’s the viewing of these on the Mac Mini I will review.

Australian iTunes Store offers TV Shows

Practically un-announced, Apple have made available a limited number of TV shows on the Australian iTunes Music Store. While I commend the move, I have to question their pricing. The US store offers TV shows @{.tweet-username} USD$1.99 per episode (with Some more expensive) The Australian Store offers the episodes @{.tweet-username} AUD$2.99, which equates to approximately USD$2.85. Why the difference? You can’t tell me Apple has set-up different infrastructure and have different hosting for Media in Australia.