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Microsoft Development

I’ve started down the path of Darkness 🙂

In December 2011, I went on BizTalk training with @BizTalkBill and I’m now four weeks into the next stage of my career which is being an Microsoft “Integration Specialist”. You won’t find any open source in this realm, no ruby, nothing involving indie developers cracking out code until late at night.

What this change means is getting to know Visual Studio, BizTalk, SQL Server and all things Microsoft. It means using TFS, even though you really want to use Git. It means C# coding when you are familiar with interpreted languages like Perl, PHP and Ruby (I won’t be doing an ASP work).

That means you can expect going forward less posts about Unix, Clearcase (finally!) and Open Source platforms, and more about Microsoft offerings; specifically integration products.

Welcome to 2012.

Perl while loop memory hog

I was trying to use someone elses script for logging dansguardian events to an RDBMS.The script was chewing up 99% of my CPU! I got chatting to a friend and a perl coder about this, and got some ideas. He showed me about the perl debugger using the -d switch. Awesome. I finally got my perl script working. Installing the DBI package on OpenBSD was a snap with pkg_add (pkg_add -v p5-DBD-Pg-1.47.tgz). My logical debugging was as follows.

first I read that DBI was a memory hog so I wrote it out and put in a native postgres call, but the pgsql for perl was borked.
(comment from coding friend “DBI is fine man, works for the massess”). Next I changed the while loop over the the file to a Tail::File method, but the module was badly documenting and had issues.

I actually ended up using IO::File to tail the log and looped over the lines (in a mad loop), but it was still broken.
So I went back to DBI, which as my friend pointed out was never a problem. It worked!

It turned out the loop was the CPU hog and all I had to do was put in a sleep 1; if there was no new line in the tail.
In the process I rewrote the whole script and it barely resembles the original except for the idea. Now it has 0.5% CPU load at best. A win for coding. I’ll post the script soon and also send it to dansguardian.

Comment from perl coding friend: of course – i guessed that after u left. 🙂