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Podcast RSS Feed (XML file) not working on WordPress Site

I host this blog in WordPress, and it’s a great micro CMS with all the bells and whistles. I also publish and host the XML file for a podcast of the Angry Human. It’s picked up by feed burner, and then iTunes takes the feed burner RSS feed and et voila! All the Apple listeners to the show Angry Human by David Biedny get their recent shows! I recently had an issue where I’ve moved this site from Rackspace Cloud Sites to the Godaddy Managed WordPress sites.

Newsfire RSS free for everyone

David Watanabe announced the most recent upgrade to Newsfire RSS as now free for all users. In David’s own words, he explains what the buzz about news aggregation is, and why Newsfire is a must for ALL mac users: For those new to this, NewsFire is a news reader for blogs, news sites, and anything else that publishes an ‘RSS’ syndication feed. It watches for news so you don’t have to.

Information Overload

Did you ever have too many RSS feeds you are subscribed to? Wasting your time posting updates to Flickr, Twitter, facebook, and so on? This guy thinks he has the answers. Cut out the IM and stop reading your email so often. Me? I just removed 70% of my news feeds in my reader, turned my phone off, and I’m going to bed to read a book (and get away from this blog for now).