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Quicksilver Web Searching

Daniel Miessler discusses the benefit of using Quicksilver, one of the mandatory mac applications, for searching the web – instead of using your browser. So you are in any app and you want to search for something online? Use Quicksilver. I blog from Textmate, so if I need to search for something on google (or elsewhere) – Quicksilver does it for me.

Its a very simple process to use as described by Daniel on his blog entry. What I will show here is how easy it is to enable the built in Quicksilver Web Searches. I will assume you have already installed Quicksilver.

  1. First launch quicksilver with your defined trigger
    Qs Search 1
  2. Press Command (⌘) + comma to open your quicksilver preferences, then select the Catalog Icon
    Qs Search 2
  3. From the Catalog window, tick the box against the “Web Searches” row, and then press the Refresh ButtonQs Search 3
  4. The number of catalog entries for the web searches should be some number greater than zero
    Qs Search 4
    You can now close the quicksilver window
  5. Launch quicksilver with your defined trigger, and type the name of a search engine in, i.e. wikipedia – tab through to the third field and type in your search text – press Enter – Et Voilà!
    Qs Search 5

You can try these example keywords when launching your quicksilver window: youtube, wikipedia, google, amazon and there are many more to try!