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BOE XIR2 cmsdbsetup failure on Oracle10g

If you use Unix, and need to migrate your Business objects CMS from one database to another database, you will probably use the script. This script migrates and manages your database connection in a Unix environment using Business Objects Enterprise (BOE).

In my case I am Using Solaris 9, and have Oracle 10g databases and client files for use by BOE.

When running the script you get the following error pertaining to clntsh:

Business Objects

Current CMS Data Source: DBNAME

err: Error: Failed to get cluster name.
err: Error description: Unable to load clntsh

select (Select a Data Source)
reinitialize (Recreate the current Data Source)
copy (Copy data from another Data Source)
changecluster (Change current cluster name)
selectaudit (Select an Auditing Data Source)


This error “Unable to load clntsh” refers to the library used by the Oracle client. Since BOE runs as 32bit, the 32bit Oracle client libraries should be accessible by the user running BOE.

If you are running a 64 bit Unix and a 64bit Oracle install check that the environment for the user running BOE (user that will run the CMS) has the 32bit libraries in the path:

Then check that either the user is a member of the Oracle dba Unix group or everyone has permissions to access the 32bit libraries under Oracle 10g:

su - oracle
chmod o+rx $ORACLE_HOME/lib32/*

Feel free to leave any comments if you need help with this.