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Tag: google maps

Google iPhone Application roundup

Todays post is a 2009 midyear round up of the status of the Google Mobile applications: Latitude, Voice, Docs, Mail, Maps and Reader. My focus is on the iPhone mobile platform. Google Latitude Google Latitude is their location and status message product. The application up until now has been available on other phone platforms such as Android, but lacking on iPhone. In the mean time, iPhone users have had to look elsewhere.

Joomla migration of Google Maps API

It looks like I may have successfully written an alpha “migrator plug-in” that may work for migrating your com_google_maps component from Joomla 1.0.x to 1.5. Once I have tested this on the internal testbed migration sites for one of my customers, I will write it up here. This will be useful since the developer of the Google Maps API for joomla has no current migration plugins. Stay tuned….