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Excel – Determining worksheet cell references

Worksheet names in Excel Cells If you are working in Excel, and you want to show the worksheet name in a Cell on that worksheet, you can use the CELL function to do so. By default the CELL function will return the current document name, if used with the filename info_type: =CELL("filename") This provides a full path to the spreadsheet, with the worksheet of the current Cell at the end, e.

Clearcase Tips number 01

I found myself writing down example commands in clearcase (V6), so I thought I would share them. If you have ever needed to find files like you do in UNIX, but want to be clearcase specific, then these commands will give you a quick headstart on using the cleartool find command: How do I list all files and file versions going into a specific build that is labelled? Assume your label is TR1_PRE_RELEASE