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Clearcase Branches Solved?

I think I may have stumbled upon the answer. I’m so set in my CVS ways that I though the best thing was to branch the entire top level folder – recursively. What I really was after was a way of setting the configspec on the NEW view I create for the new branch, and making it show code that is labeled with a particcular label, then when it is checked out and in, a new revision exists on the new branch.

Clearcase Branches

I’m so used to making branches in CVS. <br /> cvs tag -b system_test<br /> As the CVS doco states simply, “This splits off a branch based on the current revisions in the working copy”, and these revisions will get assigned the branch name, in this case `system_test’. Simple, powerful enough and quick! But Rational Clearcase is a different beast as I learn it. You have to make your branchtype.