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Tweet WordPress plugin v1.2 released

I’ve uploaded the initial public release, v1.2, of my simple Tweet plugin to the WordPress Plugin Repository. You can install the plugin by: downloading it from ; or On a recent version of wordpress, v2.7 or above, follow these steps: Login to your wordpress dashboard Select the Plugins/Add New menu item as shown Search for Author lantrix as shown Click on the Install link for the Tweet plugin If you need any assistance, you can leave a comment over on the dedicated page for the Tweet WordPress plugin for Twitter.

OpenBSD – Akismet key could not be verified

If you are using OpenBSD to host your wordpress installation, and using the Akismet plug-in to block spam, you may come across set-up problems with Akismet.

The errors that can occur could be either or both of these:

  • There was a problem connecting to the Akismet server
  • The key you entered could not be verified because a connection to could not be established

There may be a couple of issues here.

Caffeine drives the Tech World

A number of weeks ago I gave up caffeine, and was pretty OK with that. But, I have come to the conclusion that there is a direct correlation with Caffeine and all other things tech, including tech blogging. As you may have noticed if you subscribed to my feed, or read this site, my posts have been minimal. Yet after having caffeine on the weekend in an energy drink, and subsequently picking up where I left of with decent illy coffee, I have had the urge to blog again.