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Updated: IM Status Applescript

I previously published an Applescript I use to immediately update Adium, Skype, iChat status messages.
I’ve recently changed it to allow more than three options (a limitation in the Applescript Display Dialog method).

Find a copy below:

IM Status Applescript for iChat Adium and Skype

I use iChat, Adium and Skype all at the same time. I was looking for a quick way to change the status of all three of them with one fell swoop.

Looking at what other people had written I came across a good example at Jason Kenison’s blog. He had implemented a method whereby you select Away or Available and then the script will change the status of all three. It worked for Skype and iChat but not for Adium.
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An AppleScript to sync creation and modification dates

After I read this post, I decided to have a go at something slightly different.

The orginal hint showed how to set up an AppleScript droplet to modify the creation date of a file. But what if you want to sync the modified date and Creation dates instead? This script has been created to do just that. It has evolved from one Daniel A. Shockley provided in a macosxhints comment to the previous hint, and has been extended to fit this purpose.

To set your files modified date to be the same as the creation date, use the AppleScript as a droplet application. Copy and paste the text into a new script in Script Editor, and then save it as an application. Run the application to bring up a requester, or drop your files (not folders) on the application directly.

Download the Applescript (Note: not tested on Leopard/10.5.x)

Note: a reader of my post suggested a simpler date change routine.