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iPhone 3GS announced

The new iPhone 3GS was announced yesterday at WWDC. The main changes are in the hardware. The differences are now:

  • 32GB Option
  • 3 Megapixel camera with autofocus
  • Video Recording capabilities with upload to Youtube function
  • Voice Control
  • Compass

The other new features coming to the iPhone such as:

  • Cut, Copy & Paste (about time!)
  • MMS and contact send/receive via SMS
  • Bluetooth transfer and A2DP support
  • Data tethering to your laptop (USB or Bluetooth)
  • Spotlight Search
  • Landscape keyboard across all apps
  • Voice Memos

will be available on the current iPhone 3G, the iPhone 2G and included oin the new 3GS. A free software upgrade to Version 3.0 of the firmware will be ready for download to the public June the 17th.

For the die-hard Apple fanboys, a Quicktime stream of the keynote speech given by Phil Schiller is now online.

Compiling readline on an OSX 10.5 intel x86_64

I’m stuck with a whole bunch of problems getting code to compile and co-operate nicely on my new MacBookPro. I’m compiling my own PHP, but it defaults to compiling for the i386 (32bit) architecure, which then fails when Apache2 running in 64bit mode tries to use the 32bit DSO for PHP5. Compiling PHP5 as 64bit then fails linking against the i386 pgsql lib, and so on. I really need everything using the x86_64 architecture. How does this all relate to readline under Leopard?
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Australian iTunes Store offers TV Shows

Practically un-announced, Apple have made available a limited number of TV shows on the Australian iTunes Music Store.

While I commend the move, I have to question their pricing. The US store offers TV shows @ USD$1.99 per episode (with Some more expensive) The Australian Store offers the episodes @ AUD$2.99, which equates to approximately USD$2.85.

Why the difference? You can’t tell me Apple has set-up different infrastructure and have different hosting for Media in Australia. They are not paying to send the data over international links. So why the over 40% increase in pricing from the US?

I think the local media companies and licensers got greedy. It is as simple as that.

It’s not just the price that gets me down. The content is different. The continually stupid regionalisation of content has shown to be a road block to people GLOBALLY. For example:

  • DVDs (remember region coding at the end of the last decade?);
  • TV – why do shows still get screened outside the USA weeks or months later;
  • Movies;
  • or music.

Yes this is a global economy people. The ease of Torrent sites to circumvent this division of content drives the end user towards increased use of torrents. It is now apparently easier to get a season of your favourite show from the internet than wait for it to appear on TV; or on iTMS. The only people wising up to this are the Movies Studios whom now do simultaneous global releases, because they were losing too much money.

Until the pricing on the Apple store is the same, and Australia gets the same releases as the US at the same time (on TV or on iTMS) – people will continue to use torrent sites as their source of the latest TV shows from the USA. Plain and simple – “Listen up Media conglomerates!!”

Update: It looks like they did release a press release yesterday.

the iPhone is coming

I can feel it….. Hot on the heels of iPhone release rumours, TUAW post the rumour about iPhone on Vodafone in Australia; and the SMH follow soon thereafter based upon the actual press release from Vodafone.
Made on a Mac

June is just around the corner and my current Vodafone contract runs out this month. Perfect timing.
The reason I was hoping for Vodafone is this: with a $79 cap, the $500 credit (currently) covers 3G data usage. You pay $1 per 5 minute block out of your cap. Its totally different how Telstra charge: $60 per month on top for data and $0.25 per MB.

Since I make about $100 of calls in a month, that’s $400 of included data in my cap; or 33 constant hours of 3G data. But wouldn’t it be nice if Vodafone shifted to an untimed/uncounted data plan for the iPhone. That is the ultimate Geek Nirvana.

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