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Category: WoW

Quit WoW again

Looking in my inbox today I read this: This message is being sent to confirm that all credit card information has been removed from the World of Warcraft account ********, effectively cancelling its recurring subscription as of September 23, 2007 5:47 AM UTC. The account will not bill or renew any further unless new payment information (credit card or game card) is manually entered in. The account will remain playable for the remaining time it has already paid for.

World of Warcraft – Alts

I’ve hit level 50 with my main character now. Whilst I want to get another 10 levels and start on the BC content, I have found the gold I make farming with this character, particularly on recipes, enables me to spec out my alts like never before. So I started a hunter. I already have him up to level 12 and besides being a bit time consuming, its fun. Playing a hunter is like being in a 2 man group all the time.

3D Cards and WoW – the 7300 GT TDH

I recently upgraded to a 22″ widescreen monitor. To drive this monitor in a Digital fashion, I jumped from a Geforce 3 series to a Geforce 7 Series with a Dual Link DVI connector. It turns out the monitor wasn’t dual link, but this review is on the card, not the monitor. The old 3D card was some major brand, I can’t remember which, and since I was upgrading an existing AGP card, I had to choose a replacement AGP card as well.

Bush – The US president who cried Wolf

I was looking at CelticBear’s blog, and saw a link to MSNBC, who has a piece by Keith Olbermann with comments about President Bush and his recent speech about Iraq. He likens Bush to the boy who cried wolf, noting that this time around, who will believe him that the same thing will work (sending another 20K troops to Iraq). I highly recommend watching the streaming video, as it conveys the commentators opinions much better than the written piece.