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Category: travel

Melbourne trains on Twitter

I’m a twitter user, and this morning came across an enterprising web-site called Melbourne Transport. They use the twitter handle @MelbTransport to publish line and train alerts for Melbourne’s Connex train services. This appears to be the outcome of someones frustration with the dreadful SMS alerts services that Connex provide. Connex have their own SMS alert system, which states “From Monday to Friday, between 6am and 8pm, we provide instant text messaging to mobile phones with up-to-the-minute information on any train that is more than 15 minutes off schedule”.

Travelling & Calories

I am currently travelling. and am in Adelaide this week; Flying with Qantas. Besides getting up at 3am, all is good with today. I have started eating at 3 hourly intervals, smaller meals, in an attempt to get my metabolism kickstarted. This is still on a calorie intake 20% less than my Base Metabolic Rate (approx. 2100 per day). Combine this with my jogging, and I should see some results over the next few months.