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Category: openbsd

PHP5 Zip Support on OpenBSD 4.5

This is a cheat sheet on getting PHP5 on OpenBSD to have zip support. I needed this to get CiviCRM to work with Joomla. First off install some require packages, including the zziplib package: <br /> export PKG_PATH=<br /> pkg_add -v zziplib<br /> pkg_add -v autoconf-2.62<br /> Now download and extract the PECL zip package: <br /> mkdir /usr/local/src/<br /> cd /usr/local/src/<br /> wget<br /> tar zxvf zip<br /> cd zip-1.

MySQL on OpenBSD 4.3 using the Apache Chroot

I’m back with some more tech geek goodness for anyone who uses MySQL and OpenBSD. OpenBSD by default apache runs in a chroot jail, thereby making it more secure in case the www server is compromised. I have talked about this before. However if you use wordpress or some other web application that needs MySQL (and I’m talking where apache and MySQL reside on the same host), then the chroot jail will not allow your webapp access to the mysql socket file which is by default located in /var/run/mysql/

Death to Spam

I’ve been hit by a number of Spam comments recently that snuck through the filters. If you are subscribed to the comments feed, apologies for this. It turns out that since I moved TechDebug to a VM host, I did not follow my own post and the spam tools where not connecting to Akismet to check the comments. So remember that if you use OpenBSD and the default chroot for Apache, then you need to setup a resolv.

OpenBSD, postgresql and semaphore failures during initdb

Today I upgraded my postgresql database instance on OpenBSD. Did a pg_dumpall, removed the old packages and then added the new ones (latest version 8.1.9 for OpenBSD 4.0 – yes I’m behind).

During the initialisation of the new DB, I got the following error:
<br /> creating directory /var/postgresql/data/pg_tblspc ... ok<br /> selecting default max_connections ... 10<br /> selecting default shared_buffers ... 50<br /> creating configuration files ... ok<br /> creating template1 database in /var/postgresql/data/base/1 ... FATAL: could not create semaphores: No space left on device<br /> DETAIL: Failed system call was semget(1, 17, 03600).<br />
The PostgreSQL documentation talks about this extensively. However I don’t want to recompile my kernel away from GENERIC. What else can I do?

OpenBSD – Akismet key could not be verified

If you are using OpenBSD to host your wordpress installation, and using the Akismet plug-in to block spam, you may come across set-up problems with Akismet.

The errors that can occur could be either or both of these:

  • There was a problem connecting to the Akismet server
  • The key you entered could not be verified because a connection to could not be established

There may be a couple of issues here.

OpenBSD 4.2 released

The official OpenBSD announcement states: We are pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 4.2. We remain proud of OpenBSD’s record of more than ten years with only two remote holes in the default install. We dedicate this release to the memory of long-time developer Jun-ichiro “itojun” Itoh Hagino, who focused his life on IPv6 deployment for everyone. So get to it people, buy a CD and support the project.

Power issues – OpenBSD failover?

Having had aircon installed today, my headless web server did not recover from the scheduled power outage. It was stuck in a stupid “Press F1 to Boot” screen, and as such Tech Debug was down for the majority of the day. Now I have it all back online it is time to consider two things: A UPS A secondary Web/DB server running OpenBSD Does anyone know they best way to have a failover apache+mysql+postgres OpenBSD server?

chpasswd in an OpenBSD apache chroot jail

I’ve recently re-installed OpenBSD and had to set-up my squid intranet password changing tool again. The app I use is chpasswd Version 2.2.3. I had some trouble with getting it working in the default apache chroot jail, and found very little information out there on this app in a chroot jail. Here are my notes I recorded and and steps I took. Hope it helps someone else, but YMMV: Download chpasswd to /tmp

Dansguardian on OpenBSD

So many people have written long and excellent examples of an internet application layer filtering solution. However, what if you need a quick and simple internet filtering solution? Want to block out all the garbage for the younger generation? Look no further than Dansguardian. I’ll assume you love OpenBSD as well, and have the following in place: OpenBSD running as your router, multi-homed the same machine running pf the same machine with squid installed and working as a transparent proxy Packet filtering is online, your internet access works from the router and from an internal host with your squid working transparently wget installed Download the latest beta from dansguardian.