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Maiden in Sydney

A quick note to say I put up the Iron Maiden photos at flickr from the Saturday gig in Sydney.

These ones where taken with a better camera, so they came out pretty decent for being 5 meters from the stage!

The setlist was great, and it was well worth getting Gold floor tickets. As for Acer Arena, they banned all bags and drinks being bought in (including water!) unlike Melbourne. That was annoying as I had to run back to the cloakroom to get my earplugs (33dB reduction!).
The crowd in Sydney were good but not quite into it as Melbourne. All in all it was a good night and these guys still give top notch performances.

Iron Maiden concert

A short entry today. I went to the Concert in Melbourne on Wednesday, and it was awesome.
You can check out my (blurry cameraphone) photos from the floor over at flickr. Bad quality videos upload live from the event are at youtube.

Either way, I will be at the Sydney event on 9th Feb as well, so look out for some better pics.

iTMS corrupted songs

An album I purchased on iTMS recently had a nasty clicking sound in one of the songs. Its was part of the intro track to an Opera, and really hits you in the ear each time you hear it unexpectedly.

I had only just got around to reporting the issue, but iTMS staff rejected the issue due to the timeliness of my report – about 3 months after the purchase. I wrote back advising that this was a “premium cost” iTunes Plus track, and there is still an issue with the track they are selling, no matter the time frame. The response:

Apple takes the quality of the items offered on the iTunes Store seriously and will investigate the issue with this item, but please keep in mind that the iTunes Store does not own the content that we sell and does not have the right to alter the files, even to repair them. The most we can do is contact the content owner and request a repaired replacement, so I can’t say when or if the issue will be resolved. Please try again in a few weeks.

This equates to the fact that they can’t fix the song they are selling. They did give me a song credit, with the advice:

I have also issued a replacement song credit to your account … Please note that song credits are not able to be used for purchasing songs that are listed as Album Only.

And wouldn’t you know it! The bad song is Album only, so IF they fix it, i would have to buy the track again.

Time to look elsewhere? Amazon is not an option as it is US only. A big Duh to the other major online emusic retailers.

Up the Irons! Somewhere Back In Time 2008 Tour


I got myself some Iron Maiden tickets for their Somewhere back in time 2008 tour. The latest news about the Aussie events is that the Melbourne and Sydney concerts sold out in Record time.

Sydney’s Acer Arena sold out within 25 minutes of going on sale and Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena sold out within 15 minutes, leading to promoter Paul Dainty immediately putting on sale second shows in both cities and commenting; “Sales for the tour have been phenomenal with over 40,000 tickets being sold in the first hour.

As I am a Fan Club member, I was lucky enough to get 5 Gold Floor tickets in presale for close friends and I

I’m gonna make a whole week of it, and am dusting off my old records, I mean tapes, no CDs from the shelf – aaah syncing all my maiden mp3s to my ipod in preparation for this once in a lifetime event. They wont be coming back anytime soon after, and then they will probably retire.

It’s not till Feb 2008, but I will be in Melbourne and Sydney so I will be sure to write about it when the time comes.

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