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Climate change – the risks of no action

Watch this and then you will see why action is the better option than no action

Coffee and Skin Cancer prevention

The Two Beans Worth Coffee Blog at references an LA Times article as stating:

In a study done by Rutgers University, NJ, the scientists found that rats could reduce the likelihood of pre-cancerous sun-damaged cells from becoming cancerous by 100% if the rats either exercised or drank caffeine. However, when both the exercise and caffeine were combined, the preventative qualities of the combo raised the efficacy to a whopping 400%

I found the actual study report at
I’ll drink caffeine to that (oh and run to that when I can).

Public Transport Woes

I have to say something about policing transport in Melbourne. I have had a number of occasions where I have called emergency services. Only once were they able to respond, and they let the crazy violent people back onto the train – the crazy people acted normal for the Police and resumed their craziness after they left. In the case of calling 000, it is difficult to advise the operator where you will be (which station, town, etc.) by the time Police will get to respond, hence I see a low level of response from them.

Any other policing on Melbourne trains is done by the internal security of Connex Melbourne. Their main focus appears to be revenue gain by ticketing as many people as they can. I have had them stand on a carriage watching the crazies in the next carriage, and do nothing. It was my action in initiating a 000 call that got something done about it, but as I said previously the Police were able to do little. I don’t blame the Police here, I think they do the best with what resources they have. It is the engagement of Connex and Police that is lacking.

Trains are dirty. Seats stained with whom knows what. Barrier jumping graffiti taggers get away (the ones I see and report). Why is it that I have to call 000 to report graffiti? I think an SMS/Text reporting number would help, so the train cops could respond.

The reason I care to blog about all this? The train driver was smoking on the train this morning. I had to move carriages, and will raise a complaint today. How do you police that? Had I been smoking (I don’t smoke, but hypothetically) then I would have the full extent of the transport law applied to me to prosecute or fine me. What happens to the driver? Nothing, Nil, Nada.

Ultimately, Melbourne transport is an undesirable necessity.

Airborne Disease – Why Don’t We Do It In Our Sleeves?

Watched a video linked from a work memo today. Its a good reminder for people in Australia as we go into winter, with the flu, and all sorts of nasties spread by coughs and sneezes.

Why Don’t We Do It In Our Sleeves?. This covers how to sneeze and/or cough into our sleeves. The experts say that germs on cloth die out pretty quickly, whereas coughing into our hands spreads the germs onto everything we then decide to touch…. eeeewwww. Should you actually sneeze or cough into your hands, wash them immediately.

So think about this next time you are sitting in a crowded train or tram. This is also aimed at YOU – YES YOU – people sitting in offices who insist on coming to work even though they are coughing every 5 minutes.

Watch the Video!!! It is very informative.

If people don’t take heed of this sort of advice I will have to break the cycle fashion mould and start wearing a surgical mask. Being a geek, I already get singled out for my fashion and quirks, so why not a mask?!!

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