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Category: git

Clone a part of an SVN repository in git

I was trying to clone my wordpress plugin from the wordpress svn repo using git-svn. I had no luck for about the past 8 weeks, with this problem: <br /> Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/lantrix/tweet/.git/<br /> Using higher level of URL: =><br /> And it would proceed to hit up the entire wordpress repo. After reading a possible solution on Charlie’s Old blog, I stubmled across a newer way to do this.

Git branch name in your bash prompt

Here is a quick way to show the current git branch when you are in a repository directory. Place this in your .bashrc or .bash_profile: I’ve also customised the PS1 to show user/host/path. You should probably setup git bash completion as well. This can be done by sourcing the bash completion script that is available in the git source code as shown (change path to where you place script): Have fun.