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Category: gaming

MacBook vs. MacBookPro

Does CPU speed matter for gaming on a Mac Laptop? The difference between, for example, 2.4 Ghz and 2.6 Ghz will be negligible when running the games. What will contribute to the smoothness and quality of the games the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and to an extent bus speed, CPU cache and RAM. When it comes to RAM, the more the merrier – to avoid the Hard Drive being used to swap applications when your memory is full.

3D Cards and WoW – the 7300 GT TDH

I recently upgraded to a 22″ widescreen monitor. To drive this monitor in a Digital fashion, I jumped from a Geforce 3 series to a Geforce 7 Series with a Dual Link DVI connector. It turns out the monitor wasn’t dual link, but this review is on the card, not the monitor. The old 3D card was some major brand, I can’t remember which, and since I was upgrading an existing AGP card, I had to choose a replacement AGP card as well.

Broken Wiimote strap – Part 2

I rang nintendo today and it was very painless to order my free wiimote strap replacements. They asked for the console serial number, the number of wiimotes, and told me to keep my old straps to send back. They will include a return envelope for me. Painless, quick, and finally we will soon be able to use our wiimote with straps again… It feels very unsafe swinging these things around without straps.