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How I felt last weekend

This describes it pretty well. I’m a fan of web comics, so this ones now on my feed radar.
zoitz: page-view high
Thanks Keacher

Unix Humour

I came across (via an old school friend on facebook) something which I just had to share. I know whom will be laughing at this.

Unix Humour

Star Trek Meets Monty Python – Slice of Scifi

I just saw a youtube video over on Slice of Scifi today. It has been around on youtube for a while, but still it is something funny for all Trek and Monty Python fans. Without further ado:

YouTube – Great moments in Presidential Speeches.

If you got the gist of the “iRack” then here is another video of great moments in Presidential Speeches. I think the video says it all. Maybe he could trump apple and introduce an iRack!

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