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Setup Sublime Text for F# Development

After being asked to use Visual Studio 2015 for F# Development, I decided it’s way more lightweight to to develop it on my Mac using Sublime Text 3.

Software you need installed:

Install (using package control) these packages with package control in Sublime Text:

  • F# – Gives you syntax Highlighting
  • F-Sharp –¬†Autocomplete, tooltips, definitions, etc.
  • SublimeREPL – A multi language REPL including F#

If you are used to Visual Studio for any F# development; you can create some Sublime text keyboard shortcuts using your key bindings settings:

  • Open REPL : CTRL+ALT+F
  • Send selected code to REPL : CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

The bindings I use are shown below:

You’ll want to configure Sublime 3¬†indentation settings to include these options to replace Tabs with spaces; as Sharp hates your tabs.

This setup also works on Sublime for Windows, but you need fsi.exe in your path and working with all dependencies (Windows SKD, .NET Framework etc.).