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Whyday comes and goes

A Ruby

If you’re a tech head, and you’ve been around Object Orientated languages – then you’ve surely heard of Ruby.

I’ve been around people who are passionate about Ruby, but never caught the bug. What I did do whilst others were programming away, was read about ruby. One day whilst reading I came across the name of an online persona Why the lucky stiff, also known as _why.



Whilst _why was/is considered a prolific and influential programmer of Ruby, what was fascinating was his disappearance. In August 2009, he withdrew from “public” life – specifically all his online presence was deleted. He closed up his blog, twitter account and github account. Plenty of people have ensured his code and writing not only live on but continue, and you can read more of his eccentric writings at his estate.

However, my interest here is his book: Why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby

Some have innocuously declared the 19th of August as “Why Day“. What better way to celebrate knowledge than to start reading a book, and why not read the guide book itself?! I’m just a regular old person, so far unaware of Ruby and its

RIP David Eddings

I just read on Brandon Sanderson’s blog that David Eddings, the author of some fantastic fantasy books, has recently passed away.

I started reading fantasy novels early on in high school. After reading the Lord of the Rings, the Belgariad series by David Eddings were instrumental in forming my enjoyment of this genre of books.

Unfortunately I lent my Belgariad series to someone and never got them back. I also never finished the Mallorean. It’s high time to raise your glasses to David (and his co-author/wife Leigh) for a story that started many of us on our journey of a lifetime.

Time to buy a new set of the Belgariad and after 21 years re-read them.