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Category: apps

Tuning Solaris 9 for MQ V6.0

I was working on a recently built Solaris 9 server with a fresh copy of MQ installed. During application testing, we were getting 2195 errors from our application when establishing more than 3 concurrent connects to MQ. After a day of wasted de-bugging of our application, we put it down to the system, and it seems we may have been correct. There is an install chapter in the MQ V6.0 documentation that should NOT be overlooked.

Blogging from Textmate

I’ve started blogging from textmate. And this is one of my recent posts using this app. A friend uses Textmate and swears by it as his main text editor, so here I am using it more often (Thanks Tim). I’m still a dab hand at vim, BUT now that I can blog from textmate, then its looking like my licence will finally get some use. From where I stand using the Mac is soooo much more than just jumping on a computer to bang out some email.

Joomla – Google maps, and directions

I was playing around with a side project of mine, a web site in Joomla, and I added some XSLT to allow users to get directions in the Google maps component of this particular Joomla site. Besides the fact that I’m enjoying playing around with this CMS, I am also learning new things. One of them was the fact that I discovered you can now get driving directions for Australian addresses in google maps now!