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Macheist – 14 applications for $49

With still selling their bundle for another 3 days, they have added a new Mac application to the bundle. VectorDesigner brings the total number of applications in the bundle up to 14, with the recent addition of the Freeverse games. If you get referrals from your friends there are another two up for grabs as well. Here is what MacHeist have to say about VectorDesigner: With the latest version of Adobe Illustrator costing $600, it’s no surprise that the Mac community has been clamoring for a powerful, fast, and easy to use program for creating vector art that doesn’t break the bank.

Macheist – In the company of good Applications

This is one for my Mac readers; MS Windows lovers please have your eyes glaze over – Now. Following the lead of other bloggers, I thought it would be pertinent to let you know that MacHeist II has completed all their heists, and the bundle sale is well underway. This morning the last of the 10 11 12 applications, Pixelmator, was unlocked. The developers say “If your image editing experience so far has been defined by PhotoShop, we guarantee you will be blown away by Pixelmator’s speed and beautiful UI”.

Open Source software Promotion

Some friends and I were discussing the benefits of using Open Source software which is low cost or free (as in beer) versus the equivalent Commercial and close source products. Examples of comparison were Photoshop vs. Gimp Apache HTTPD vs. IIS Windows vs. Open Solaris/OpenBSD/Linux etc. It seems like we are not the only ones thinking about this topic. Slashdot today posted that CNET has a feature promoting Open Source application alternatives for the average home user, if only to reduce software costs to the end user.

Move WordPress Comments

Those of you who read this, and also use wordpress for your own blogs, will appreciate this one. WordPress has no native way of moving comments that are incorrectly posted under another post. You can have a hack at the database yourself, or you can use a plugin that recently (in the last few months) went to Version 1. I came across it while trolling google for a decent solution to a mis posted comment.

An AppleScript to sync creation and modification dates

After I read this post, I decided to have a go at something slightly different. The orginal hint showed how to set up an AppleScript droplet to modify the creation date of a file. But what if you want to sync the modified date and Creation dates instead? This script has been created to do just that. It has evolved from one Daniel A. Shockley provided in a macosxhints comment to the previous hint, and has been extended to fit this purpose.

Laptop HDD failure

Last Friday at work my Mac (OS X 10.4) laptop HDD died. After the purchase of an extra external HDD and some custom recovery software, Data Rescue II, I tried to recover as much as I could. The bad news is the Hard drive had not just gotten corrupted, but failed. After an attempt to clone it to a second drive for analysis, and during my recovery attempt it developed the click of death.

chpasswd in an OpenBSD apache chroot jail

I’ve recently re-installed OpenBSD and had to set-up my squid intranet password changing tool again. The app I use is chpasswd Version 2.2.3. I had some trouble with getting it working in the default apache chroot jail, and found very little information out there on this app in a chroot jail. Here are my notes I recorded and and steps I took. Hope it helps someone else, but YMMV: Download chpasswd to /tmp

Dansguardian on OpenBSD

So many people have written long and excellent examples of an internet application layer filtering solution. However, what if you need a quick and simple internet filtering solution? Want to block out all the garbage for the younger generation? Look no further than Dansguardian. I’ll assume you love OpenBSD as well, and have the following in place: OpenBSD running as your router, multi-homed the same machine running pf the same machine with squid installed and working as a transparent proxy Packet filtering is online, your internet access works from the router and from an internal host with your squid working transparently wget installed Download the latest beta from dansguardian.

Clearcase Branches Solved?

I think I may have stumbled upon the answer. I’m so set in my CVS ways that I though the best thing was to branch the entire top level folder – recursively. What I really was after was a way of setting the configspec on the NEW view I create for the new branch, and making it show code that is labeled with a particcular label, then when it is checked out and in, a new revision exists on the new branch.