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Telstra has rights to Sell iPhone on Australia

Telstra have now announced they will be selling the iPhone as well. According to the Age, since Telstra’s NextG network covers 99% of the population the iPhone will get good coverage due to it using the 850Mhz 3G frequencies. Additionally the Age have reported on the pricing Telstra will offer on their bundles: The cheapest monthly plan will be $30, paying either $279 upfront for an eight-gigabyte iPhone or $399 for a 16Gb model.

Australian iTunes Store offers TV Shows

Practically un-announced, Apple have made available a limited number of TV shows on the Australian iTunes Music Store. While I commend the move, I have to question their pricing. The US store offers TV shows @{.tweet-username} USD$1.99 per episode (with Some more expensive) The Australian Store offers the episodes @{.tweet-username} AUD$2.99, which equates to approximately USD$2.85. Why the difference? You can’t tell me Apple has set-up different infrastructure and have different hosting for Media in Australia.