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Clearcase 7.1.x install on Solaris X64/x86

I’ve been struggling to install the beast that is Clearcase 7.1.1 on a proof of concept server.
In this case the server is a Solaris 10 64bit install running on VMware Fusion 3.

One of the initial mistakes I made was to try and run the installation from a network mount. DON’T. Solaris must block the execution of code on some types of removable drives, which in this case was a VMWare Fusion shared folder.

A second thing that is not clear in the README files: Clearcase 7.1.1 on Solaris x86 does NOT support the GUI installation. Therefore, for me as much as any readers of this blog, I’ll document the steps to kick off a fresh/silent installation.

The install will be/have:

  • A local install
  • Clearcase Atria Licencing, local
  • IBM Installation Manager installed first
  • ClearCase installed second
  1. Download your entitled product for Solaris X86, for CC7.1.1 which is:
    • CZ9XKML
    • IBM Rational ClearCase V7.1.1 Solaris x86 Platform Edition Multilingual
If you need an evaluation copy, they are [also available][4].</li> 

  * Copy the archive to your server, and extract it. I&#8217;ll use _/var/ccinstall_ for my install source, but adjust as required:  
    `<br />

mkdir -p /var/ccinstall cp -p /var/ccinstall cd /var/ccinstall unzip cd disk1 * Follow the [IBM documented steps][5] for preparing a silent install. For my steps the dir _/var/ccinstall/disk1_ will be _esd\_image\_root_. * Kick off the install: /var/ccinstall/disk1/InstallerImage_/install <br /> –launcher.ini <br /> /var/ccinstall/disk1/InstallerImage_/silent-install.ini <br /> -silent <br /> -input clearcase_response_sol_x86.xml <br /> -log silentinstall.log If you want to also show the progress, include the switch-showVerboseProgress`

At this point kick back and make a few coffees.