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PHP5 Zip Support on OpenBSD 4.5

This is a cheat sheet on getting PHP5 on OpenBSD to have zip support. I needed this to get CiviCRM to work with Joomla.

First off install some require packages, including the zziplib package:
<br /> export PKG_PATH=<br /> pkg_add -v zziplib<br /> pkg_add -v autoconf-2.62<br />
Now download and extract the PECL zip package:
<br /> mkdir /usr/local/src/<br /> cd /usr/local/src/<br /> wget<br /> tar zxvf zip<br /> cd zip-1.10.2/<br />
Compile PECL zip, making sure you set your correct autoconf to use:
<br /> export AUTOCONF_VERSION=2.62<br /> phpize<br /> ./configure<br /> make<br /> make install<br />
Finally setup php5 and restart httpd:
<br /> cat << EOF >> /var/www/conf/php.ini<br /><br /> EOF<br /> sudo apachectl stop<br /> sudo apachectl start<br />

Of course, this will go stale over time as new releases and versions come out, so YMMV.