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Translation for the Mac by Kavasoft

December 5, 2008 at 18:25 · Filed under Musings

About 24 months ago I purchased a version of KavaSoft’s Translation Service application for the Mac. With the recent move from my old Powerbook to my new MacBookPro the application stopped working. Apparently the licence is tied not just to your purchase but to the computer you installed it on.

As I had used the Apple migration tool to move everything across to the new laptop, Translation Service stopped working. I dropped an email to the developer and literally got an email response 60 minutes later with an updated licence.

Now that’s customer service! There is nothing like a Mac application developer to renew your faith in customer service. After dealing with so many large companies for other IT support issues (Telstra I’m looking at you) – it is very refreshing to get such a favourable response. I’m a happy user and can still translate the odd French or Italian comments on flickr photo-streams I look at.

There is an updated version of Translation Services called KavaServices which sells for $20 and it does a whole lot of other conversion as well. I’m nothing more than a happy customer. The application is perfect for quick on the fly internet based language translation, and even translate right in the browser. Seen here are before/after shots from a flickr photo page.

Before Translation
Before Translation
After Translationdirectly in the browser!
After Translation

Thanks Kavasoft for the enjoyable support experience.

Translations Company Manager said,

January 16, 2009 @ 21:11

Only for $20 dollars! That’s a great price!!! Is it good at work?

lantrix said,

January 17, 2009 @ 01:39

I use it for personal use, not at work – but I have conversed with someone over IM using it who spoke german. It seems decent for an entry level translator. Note: that it does appear to require you to be online to work, it is not a “local” translation application.

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