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Gmail goes to 7GB

Logging into Gmail today and I note: You are currently using 885 MB (12%) of your 7005 MB. 7GB is a massive amount of email to offer for free, and it is only the next point in their ever growing offering.

In comparison, Windows live (aka hotmail) currently offers 5GB when you login into their product.

The counter on the gmail login page shows Over 7005.197177 megabytes (and counting) of free storage so you’ll never need to delete another message. Well they are right there….. I don’t need to delete anything at this time – and probably never will.

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders what it means to have your entire archive of communications stored in one place. Who can really access that 7 GigaBytes of mail, on US based servers in the current world climate.

The geek in me says “Its not really 7GB yet! GibiBytes people – Base-2!!!”