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A Podiobook is an Audiobook delivered via a podcast. Evo Terra coined the phrase back in 2005 when podcasting was in its infancy. 2005 you say? Well sometimes I take a bit of time to come around to something good.

I’ve started listening to my first one. Descent – Book one of the 7th Son series by J.C. Hutchins (click through on that link to start listening to it as well).

The cool thing about this is when you sign up (instead of just subscribing to the feed I linked above) you can actually set how often the audio chapters get released to you. One a day or longer – and best of all it is Free!!! Well if you like the book you can and should donate an amount to podiobooks, and the author will get 75% of your donation.

Stuck on a train 3 hours a day? Run out of podcasts? Sick of your Music? Try a Podiobook.