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iPhone choices

July 9, 2008 at 22:45 · Filed under iphone

As I posted late last night – Vodafone had not announced their pricing. They did – then retracted it. This is a major factor for an IT and tech geek who currently uses Vodafone. I’m now seriously thinking of taking my business to Telstra (I use them for Cable and Internet already – so…?!). I have partially ruled Optus out due to their lack of non-metro coverage and decisions to expand their 3G using 900Mhz technologies.

I tried to pre-register with Telstra. They still have sent me as much as Vodafone. Nothing. So I decide that pre-registering is a waste of time. Off to the stores I went:

  • A Melbourne CBD Vodafone store – “Sorry we don’t have any information yet”
  • A Melbourne CBD Optus Store – “I can’t find the flyers so I don’t know the data rates, but I think you get the 16GB for $2 a month on the $80 cap”
  • Telstra’s T-Life Melbourne store – “There is no info in store, come back Friday”

The Telstra bloke actually spent most of the subsequent three or so minutes expanding on my coverage comment. He mentioned “3.5G” at least 5 times, even when I said that the iPhone is a 3G device; not specifically catered to the NextG higher speeds (14Mbps).

So it is left up to me to ignore all the bally-hoo and just make a decision.

As Koops tells me: “Just buy one from elsewhere and use your computer data card to tether it via wifi”. Maybe that will be the way I go too. It’s either going to be a Friday morning purchase, or stick with my old nokia for another couple of months.

Bottom line, Vodafone has may have (see late minute official pricing) lost a customer – They missed the opportunity to NOT think of this as just another phone.

Tim said,

July 10, 2008 @ 10:08

Meh, screw the carriers =)

You can go the tethered option as you mentioned, or even just buy a 1GB 3G plan from Virgin for $15 a month.
Then buy the iphone outright your from your ‘alternate’ vendor on eliz street and whammo!


lantrix said,

July 10, 2008 @ 21:58

Actually I have a better answer. My current Vodafone contract is up, so I’m going to drop from $79 cap to about $30 cap (since most of my monthly included usage is data over 3G) and get a $30 data card. $20 less a month and 5GB of usage. Sod the iPhone; and sod Telstra and their included *5 MEGABYTES* of data.

Oz said,

July 11, 2008 @ 17:11

Oooh, so by tethering you mean using your computer as an internet sharing device and then accessing the web on your iPhone through that? Nice little workaround. Shame you can’t tether in the opposite direction, though the data plans aren’t really conducive to that sort of activity anyway.

Looks like Optus have really come to the party from the data side of things. Vodafone had a beautiful opportunity and have really f*cked themselves out of the market with their plans. Looks like I’ll be staying with Optus for this one.

lantrix said,

July 12, 2008 @ 00:57

I went with Tel$tra to get the good coverage where I live and travel.

10MB data included though. How sad. Like someone said to me today “It’s the iPhone 3G not the iPhone WIFI”

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