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As easy as Apple Pie

A friend told me he had dropped his notebook PC, and it was going to cost more to repair than it was worth. I advised: Get a Mac.

I started looking around for some information for him. Why would the Mac benefit his Computer Science course? Why would the Mac be more reliable? What does he need to know about compatibility? One of the articles I read was a blog post by The Shepherd’s Sons called “All Signs Point To Apple”. In the post it describes a Windows man through and through and how his simplification of Technology had lead him to Apple. “It just works” is the Mantra all Mac people have heard.
I told my friend about this, to show him its not such a leap, but more of an awakening. “Four other family members had started using Macs” I said, and it’s true. They love them now.
I also didn’t want him to get lumped with Microsoft’s Vista like other friends and family had – some so bad they had even gone back to Windows XP.

A commenter on “All Signs Point To Apple” also points to the piece by David Pogue attempting to explain the Macintosh Surge effect. It is a good follow up to try and understand this increase seen in recent months.

Personally? I think it just sells itself by word of mouth. Thats how I pass on my experiences with Macs. Maybe you too should try one out.