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Macheist – 14 applications for $49

With still selling their bundle for another 3 days, they have added a new Mac application to the bundle. VectorDesigner brings the total number of applications in the bundle up to 14, with the recent addition of the Freeverse games. If you get referrals from your friends there are another two up for grabs as well. Here is what MacHeist have to say about VectorDesigner:

With the latest version of Adobe Illustrator costing $600, it’s no surprise that the Mac community has been clamoring for a powerful, fast, and easy to use program for creating vector art that doesn’t break the bank.
Say hello to VectorDesigner. Though relatively new, VectorDesigner features an impressive feature list, including Bezier lines, vector shapes, iSight, QuickLook, and scanner integration, and a conversion tool for turning non-vector images into vector.

Valued at $69.95, have set VectorDesigner to be unlocked for all customers once $300,000 has been raised for charity.

This bundle is very graphics and web design orientated, and the budding freelance designers out there can always make use of PixelMator, CSSEdit and now VectorDesigner if it becomes unlocked. You can buy the bundle here at – I have purchased 3 of them – and 25% of your purchase will go to your chosen charity.