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Macheist – In the company of good Applications

This is one for my Mac readers; MS Windows lovers please have your eyes glaze over – Now.

Following the lead of other bloggers, I thought it would be pertinent to let you know that MacHeist II has completed all their heists, and the bundle sale is well underway. This morning the last of the 10 11 12 applications, Pixelmator, was unlocked. The developers say “If your image editing experience so far has been defined by PhotoShop, we guarantee you will be blown away by Pixelmator’s speed and beautiful UI”. I’m a casual user of Photoshop on Windows, and would like to find a decent alternative for the Mac for “casual” image editing for web design. The layering capabilities of Pixelmator appears to put it above and beyond other similar priced applications. This alone makes the bundle worth it, as the bundle is USD$10 than the retail price of Pixelmator.

The bundle now features other great applications like CSSEdit, Speed Download and AppZapper. If you have ever tried the demo of these applications, but not yet purchased them, you can get the whole lot for the price of what you would have paid for one of them.

With the current USD to AUD exchange rate, it will cost us Aussies about $55 or less to purchase the licences, and 11 applications later your Mac will have many more uses which you never knew about.

So after considering that, and with only 9 days remaining, I invite you to buy the bundle – just as I will be doing – and 25% of your purchase will go to your chosen charity.