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Googles increasing Market Capitalisation

I am coming back to earth with my posts, and thinking about Google.

They are growing by acquiring technology and companies. They release new products like the Java/Linux based Android (Is linking to google news about Google considered irony?!). How long before Google exceed Microsoft?

I remember when their shares where $100.
Then months ago I was discussing with friends that $600 was an amazing price to reach.
Then weeks ago was amazed that each share had grown from $600 to $670.

Today I looked and – USD$725.65 PER SHARE!. They have gone up 2% in one day. That gives Google a market capitalisation of 226.5 BILLION US Dollars. Microsoft still holds the lead (in the Tech Sector) on USD$343.63B.

Where will this madness stop? Will it be when we see economic collapse of the Western countries as we know them? Will it be 2012? There are changes afoot for sure.