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Quicksilver Web Searching

Daniel Miessler discusses the benefit of using Quicksilver, one of the mandatory mac applications, for searching the web – instead of using your browser. So you are in any app and you want to search for something online? Use Quicksilver. I blog from Textmate, so if I need to search for something on google (or elsewhere) – Quicksilver does it for me.

Its a very simple process to use as described by Daniel on his blog entry. What I will show here is how easy it is to enable the built in Quicksilver Web Searches. I will assume you have already installed Quicksilver.

  1. First launch quicksilver with your defined trigger
  2. Press Command (⌘) + comma to open your quicksilver preferences, then select the Catalog Icon
  3. From the Catalog window, tick the box against the “Web Searches” row, and then press the Refresh Button
  4. The number of catalog entries for the web searches should be some number greater than zero

    You can now close the quicksilver window
  5. Launch quicksilver with your defined trigger, and type the name of a search engine in, i.e. wikipedia – tab through to the third field and type in your search text – press Enter – Et Voilà!

You can try these example keywords when launching your quicksilver window: youtube, wikipedia, google, amazon and there are many more to try!