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Gmail goes to 4GB

I was logged into Gmail today and noticed it states You are currently using 92 MB (2%) of your 4044 MB. This is close to a doubling of the email capacity for normal accounts. I’m not sure if this applies to all users, or gets applied progressively, but it is a fantastic number to see at the bottom of your inbox.

In comparison, Windows live (aka hotmail) offers 1GB to their users, albeit in the form of a “Skydrive“. Skydrive is an online storage space.

Correction: Thanks to Taylor’s comment, I do note that as a Windows live user my inbox shows 5GB of space available. Methinks Microsoft are playing catchup! Too little too late? We shall see, as both services are still the most popular (where are you yahoo!)

As detailed in the comments, Microsoft were actually offering Windows Live users more than Gmail sometime over 2 months ago. As I use Gmail primarily it slipped by my radar.

As I use both, I may review them in detail sometime.