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Keep your beliefs to yourself

Some guy was on the train today reading his “Face to Face with God” book, an he kept glancing over my way. No doubt noticing my copy of Morning of the Magicians that I was reading. As he got off the train, he starts saying a bunch of Jesus stuff and handing out these cards – and as he passes me I say NO THANKS! But he forces it on me. It has a tired cliché “Know Jesus No Hell, No Jesus Know Hell”.

He shows himself as some crazy evangelical feeling he has to save everyone to be saved himself, which shows him as being in the final moment only concerned with his own welfare. The thing I hate is that my own background and parental teachings (Hi Mum!) about religion gave me, at that moment, a gut wrenching nagging feeling. Its the polarisation of these issues – Heaven/Hell that get on my goat. I won’t do this guy the justice of linking to his website shown on his card, as it’s full of religious ideology.

Keep your beliefs to yourself people, and I will do the same (unless you ask).