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3G wireless – Telstra still does not get it

Telstra recently upgraded their mobile broadband speeds to give “… typical speeds of 550kbps to 3Mbps, bursting up to 6Mbps in CBD, metro and other areas with our BigPond wireless devices on a Super G Fast plan
While I applaud the expanded infrastructure their pricing makes it useless.
Take a look at their business pricing for wireless data:

Price per monthData allowanceExcess cost per MB
$55 MB$1.00
$1020 MB$1.00
$2980 MB$1.00
$59200 MB$1.00$0.25

There are more expensive ones as well. Who in their right mind would pay for any of these plans. With a network that can burst up to 6Mbps, you would exceed your *5 MEGABYTES*!!!! in about 5 seconds. You would then be paying $1 per MB.
If they had the best infrastructure AND competitive pricing, everyone would flock to them.
I will continue to use my 3G bluetooth vodafone for data thank you very much Sol.