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Thermaltake PSU

It is really amaing what a “branded” piece of computer equipment can do compared to its 1/2 price no-name competitor.
3 Years ago I purchased a 400W PSU. It suited the PC system fine, but when I got my new Leadtek Geforce 7 series card, it had a molex power connector on it which required dedicated power direct from the PSU. The bus power is just not up to speed o supply this Graphics Beast to drive all those pixels.

It worked fine for a while, but then I started getting errors from the video card driver stating the GPU was not getting enough power, even though my PSU exceeded the minimum PSU wattage specs of 300W (as required by the GPU).
So I upgraded to a Thermaltake 430W ATX Spec 1.2 PSU, and the problem went away. This PSU puts out 20Amps @{.tweet-username} 12VDC compared to the old PSU putting out 10Amps @{.tweet-username} 12VDC. No wonder it was complaining.

Sometimes you just can’t compare the “400W” vs “430W” on a PSU and think you are getting the same thing. Quality (and price) should always be a factor in your decision to purchase electronic equipment.