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A new name – Tech Debug

I have finally purchased a new domain name, and here we are: <>. The old one still works, and will be setup to redirect to this one (its the same server, just a proper domain name).
The reason for this move and name change? Some guy had bought up a bunch of domain names, and parked He was willing to sell it to me, asking $100USD plus fees, so a quick trip to <> and I got myself a .com domain name for USD $6.99. Cheap as chips.

I have moved all the feed info over and thanks to using feedburner, you should get an auto updated feed pointing to the new domain name.

I will also be upgrading to the latest wordpress shortly, but you will not see a feed disruption as feedburner buffers you from that.

Lastly, thanks to [Koops @{.tweet-username}]2, the new domain name reflects the spirit of this blog. Figuring out tech and geek things that need figuring out. Debugging them, if you will.