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Virtue Desktops RIP

I’m catching up on the world (I am a slow news reader). Earlier this month, one of the most useful applications I have used on my mac has stopped development. Virtue Desktops is a great app that gives you multiple workspaces ala CDE on Solaris. However it does it for your Mac. I have been using it since late last year, and whilst it was in Beta, it is fairly stable.

However, the developer has decided to put the app on hold permanently. This is in light of Apple incorporating Spaces in their upcoming OSX 10.5 release. This will make Virtue Desktops (mostly) redundant. Virtue Desktops developer Tony Arnold has experienced spaces at Apple’s WWDC and has said it will be a fantastic addition to this bloggers favorite desktop operating system.

I can’t wait. Goodbye Virtue Desktops! (I will still be using the last stable beta for now on 10.4).